Raicilla is Mexico’s best kept secret. It is an agave spirit rooted in folklore and tradition that dates back to pre-hispanic times. Amongst locals, Raicilla is known for its euphoric and energetic properties, and artisans who produce Raicilla are a part of a community that celebrate the drink that they call Medicina.

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The Roots

We are working with a group of artisanal raicilla producers In Mexico to help them build a distillery and export this deliciously crafted product to the USA and other parts of the world.


Raicilla’s defining characteristics are: its clean ingredients — agave and water, as well as its specific distillation process. Our farmers pay such close attention to each detail that under current conditions only very small quantities can be distilled.  With this funding we will be able to build the facility and the infrastructure needed for us to share the very best Raicilla with you.

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